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About Gold Atlantic

Gold Atlantic is one of the most trusted and diversified real estate and investment consultancy companies in the UK; offering compherensive suite of value-added services for its clients; including Ankara Agreement (Turkish Business Person Visa), investor visas, UK properties, Turkey properties & citizenships and other market-leading investment opportunities.

In 2007, we started our operations in Istanbul, Turkey and have grown globally over the years. Now, headquartered in London’s most vibrant centre Oxford Circus; Gold Atlantic has combined the strenght of legal & consultancy team with the best property experts of UK.

As a customer focused company with a deep knowledge of the UK and Turkey property market; we deliver practial and straightforward advice to our customers based on our experience of matching clients to their perfect properties and supporting their visa requirements as well.

We realise that you have a lot of choice and we therefore pride ourselves on going extra mile for you. If you are looking for a property investment in UK or Turkey, our team has all the skills, network and know-how necessary to help you find exactly what you are looking for and achieve a succesful outcome.

With the support of our great team,

We established hundreds of businesses in UK.

We are justifiably proud of our 100% acceptance rate for Turkish Business Person Visa (Ankara), Start-Up, Innovator and Tier 1 Investor Visas.

We succesfully provided houses, restaurants, shops, hotels, hospitals and many other properties in UK and Turkey; all proudly increased the wealth of our clients.