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Ankara Agreement (Turkish Business Person) Visa

Applying for a British or UK Embassy Visa for immigration under this particular category will allow Turkish individuals the right to work and live in the UK by establishing a business. The business can be in any sector and of any size.

The main benefit is for the candidates that qualify where there is no investment required unlike certain other UK Business Visa services such as Tier 1 Investor and UK Innovator Visa. Also, unlike any of the UK Business visas, there is no 180-day UK stay rule to keep this visa.

Holders of ECAA Visas do not require a UK work permit visa, however, they must not engage in business activity or employment outside their business and must work full time in running the enterprise.

Holders of ECAA Visas may also be eligible to become permanent residents of the UK if their business proposals are carried out successfully. You would be permitted to bring your spouse or unmarried partner and dependent children in the country on your ECAA visa.

  • 1 year, then 3-year extension (no limit for number of extensions, permanent UK residency after 5 years and UK citizenship after 1 year from permanent residency)
  • You can start a new business in the UK
  • Or join an existing business which you will have an active part in running (there is a genuine need for your services and investment)
  • No initial funding required (you’ll be bringing sufficient funds to establish your business)
  • Must be over 18 years of age and Turkish national
  • No 180-day (per year) UK stay rule


  • Free assessment on your circumstances by a qualified specialist
  • Application preparation & submission from Turkey or UK
  • Bespoke Business Plan Writing
  • Unlimited legal advice by our British lawyers
  • Unlimited face to face consultations
  • Fixed fee for all applications
  • Multi-lingual support
  • 24-hour WhatsApp communication service by Istanbul and London offices
  • Regular updates on your case
  • Get in touch and let us help you establish your business in UK.