Business Consultancy

We have vast experience in UK market and our advice and connections will develop your business in UK and increase your profitability.

Our Business Consultancy Services Include:

  • Market Research & Creating Marketing Strategy: We provide information about markets and industry trends in the UK or regions, to assist in the development of investment plans, strategies or objectives, creating a detailed business plan for your success. 
  • Bringing More Clients and Sales Points : We can make introductions to potential international partners, buyers and other in-market contacts. We can also supply referrals to service providers who can give you specialist advice, such as lawyers, business advisors and investment promotion agencies.
  • Property Sourcing: We can advise about the process of establishing your office/ business in UK. We offer property sourcing services for investment or residential / commercial purposes. 
  • Sales and Marketing: We offer ongoing support, including help in identifying market opportunities, tendering for projects and promoting the business in the market. 

In addition, we can assist your company for FDA Registration with USA representative which is required to trade to USA. 

Company Representation in UK

For an overseas company, the market entry and market development in UK is a considerable undertaking. Furthermore, due to the ever-changing regulations governing foreign ownership of businesses in UK, it is always wise to involve expert help in setting up a business venture there. Gold Atlantic has the local knowledge to help you navigate these complexities. Whether you want to set up a new venture in UK, or just want to streamline your UK operations, Gold Atlantic offers cost efficient and low risk Company Representation Services for Overseas Companies. 

Gold Atlantic Company Representation Services offer as a contact point for potential customers and business partners in UK.  You will be looked after by a dedicated team of consultants and lawyers who are expert in UK market and British way of thinking so that you can build up closer relations with customers and to improve sales opportunities.  We are here to represent your business in UK in cost efficient way. 

Investment for Visa & Citizenship

  • UK Properties and Business Visas: We source best property for you, whether it is for investment or residential & commercial purposes. In addition, with our UK lawyer team, we apply for relevant visa for you to establish your business in UK and obtain UK citizenship. 
  • Real Estate Investment and Citizenship in Turkey: With a property investment of 400,000 USD, you and your family can obtain a Turkish passport in a short period of 3-4 months. For more details:
  • Greece Golden Visa Program: With a property investment of only 250,000 EUR, you and your family can have the right to live in Greece. With EU residence card, you and your family can travel freely in the EU Schengen area without any visa restrictions.
  • Self-Employment and Startup Visa for the Netherlands: If you want to set up your own company (Self-Employed) in the Netherlands, we can apply for a Temporary Residence Permit (MVV) and get A 3-year visa is obtained directly. At the end of this 3 years, you can have the opportunity to work in any country in Europe with an indefinite stay.