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On this web site you will not find all the properties that we have for sale. We want this web site to give you an idea of what you can find in our area. The best way to see all of our properties is to contact us


Buying land can be an attractive investment, especially where there is the possibility to develop property on the site or otherwise improve it to increase its value.

There are two main types of land you can normally buy in the UK – Greenfield land and Brownfield land. Greenfield sites are previously undeveloped land, such as fields, while a Brownfield site is land that already has, or had, buildings on it.

While is often it possible to develop on both types of land, it may be easier to get planning permission on Brownfield sites. However, if you wish to change the use of the land or property on it e.g. from offices to flats, you will usually need to apply for permission to do so.

Gold Atlantic has partnered with the best brokers in local markets around the UK to offer a comprehensive look at unique opportunities for investment and recreational land. We assist Owners & Buyers in the whole process.

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